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Episode 36

Published on:

23rd Nov 2021

Oli Spleen

‘After I got the diagnosis I start having lots of unprotected sex because I thought, “Well why did I even bother to be careful if I still managed to have this?”. In retrospect, I should have just enjoyed it.'

Oli Spleen comes this week from the ever-sunny seaside shores of Brighton in England. His first album was released in 2013. Titled ‘Fag Machine’ it was a Velvet Underground-tinged take on Queer life. His most recent album is 2020’s ‘Night Sweats and Fever Dreams’ and is a complex and moving work inspired by the HIV / AIDS epidemic.

Oli discusses in the episode how HIV brought him dangerously close to dying and the effect that crystal meth addiction has had on his personal life. This episode also contains discussion of suicide, so listener discretion is advised.

Useful links:

  • Help for suicidal thoughts from the UK’s NHS.
  • Oli’s pages at Bandcamp and YouTube.
  • Help for crystal meth addiction at 56 Dean Street.
  • Useful info about HIV AIDS from GMFA.
  • Compilation of death references in Fraggle Rock via YouTube.
  • Domestic violence and abuse, support resources from Stonewall.

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