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Episode 21


‘I don’t like labelling myself, or labelling anything. That’s why I use the term Queer because it’s widely used. You can use it in so many ways.’

This week’s episode heads to the European mainland and the German capital city of Berlin. Neyon has been releasing singles since 2019 including ‘Disco Punk’, ‘Top Dog’ and the 2021 single ‘Glammed Up’. His sound is fused with 1980s retro pads and a dash of Soft Cell sleaze.

In this episode Neyon talks about growing up in the small South German town of Heidelberg, and how its normality suffocated him. He speaks about the pain when trust is broken and how Berlin and Britney Spears inspired the musician he is today.

Neyon’s music can be found on Spotify and YouTube.

Keywords: #QueerBerlin #BerlinLiving #Heidelberg #LoveBritney #IcySynth #SoftCell #QueerMusic #MichaelMedrano

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