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Episode 30

Published on:

12th Oct 2021

Cory Stewart

‘People don’t get that Queer music is all genres. For some reason we’re all expected to be George Michael.’

Cory is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music vocal programme. Canadian-born he has been a songwriter and student of music since the age of seven and has toured and performed in several countries around the world including Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. Cory is a great advocate of Queer Indie musicians, hosting the monthly online event ‘Queer Music Social’, an online networking opportunity for musicians and music experts from around the world. He also presents the weekly Twitch show ‘Queerentine’.

In this episode Cory talks about the social effects of major weight loss and his desperate escape out of smalltown Canada. He discusses the importance of safe, Queer spaces and most importantly of all which soundtrack is the best: ‘The Bodyguard’ or ‘Beaches’?

  • Cory’s online home can be found here.
  • Jon Ali’s ‘Queer Necessities’ Spotify playlist can be found here.

Keywords: #Canada #TorontoQueer #LoveBetteMidler #LoveMadonna #BeachesSoundtrack #QueerSpaces #ExtremeWeightLoss #QueerMusic #HomoPod

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